Colorec Bowel Aid


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Available in only 1 size which is standard elongated size and it suits for all standard elongated and standard round toilet bowl.

What’s in the box

  • 1 HPS support device
  • 1 base seat unit
  • 1 assembly set (2 steel screw for mounting support, 2 stainless steel washer, 2 wing nuts
  • 1 detail instruction for use.

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Indication for use

  • Pain and bleeding during defecation
  • Haemorrhoid (even during pregnancy)
  • Anal fissure
  • Obstructed defecation

For installation in

  • Home healthcare
  • private homes
  • Hospitals
  • Elderly homes
  • Maternity care centeres

Assembling standard

  • Fits all standard oval shape toilet bowl (on porcelain/china).

Additional information

Weight 2.55 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 38.0 × 5.0 cm


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