What is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids refer to pathologically dilated otherwise normal hemorrhoidal veins everyone have as part of our normal anatomy.


Pain, bleeding and itchiness.


Who are likely to suffer from hemorrhoid?

  1. Constipation
  2. Pregnant Women
  3. Elderly

In other words, sufferers are those who:

  1. frequently strain during defecation.
  2. have weak pelvic floor.



  1. Straining increase venous pressure.
  2. Weak or sagged pelvic floor expose the hemorrhoidal vein and allow easier dilatation.


How to solve?

  1. Avoid straining (Easy defecation).
  2. Prevent sagging of pelvic floor support.


Solution We Provide

Colorec Bowel Aid helps to facilitate defecations so that the least pressure is exerted to pelvic blood vessels and eventually improved constipation to avoid hemorrhoids. This kind of treatment has no any pharmacological and surgical side effect.

Please watch the video below for further understanding.

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