How fast will I receive my purchase?

It will depend on the delivery location and the delivery service chosen by you.

Is Colorec Bowel Aid only suitable for patients?

No, healthy people are encouraged to use too as pelvic floor descend is part of the normal process of defecation and the descend will become severe overtime if too much pressure is exerted on it.

Does Colorec Bowel Aid used internally or externally of the body?

It’s used externally of the body.

Why healthy people are encouraged to use Colorec Bowel Aid?

Colorec Bowel Aid just provides supplementary pelvic support during defecation. When pelvic floor does not sag, the bending of rectal passage is prevented to result in smoother defecation process. In other words, Colorec Bowel Aid protect pelvic floor and pelvic organs from harmful effect which is repeated downward pushing and straining during defecation.

How long will I get benefited after I use Colorec Bowel Aid?

You need some time to be able to appreciate the benefit of protection of pelvic floor. As a bonus, you may appreciate the therapeutic effect on anal fissure and hemorrhoids depending on severity of the problem.

How frequent I need to use Colorec Bowel Aid?

We recommend you to use it every single time when passing stool to improve the condition and heal the injured site quicker.

Why to choose Colorec Bowel Aid?

It is a medical device that has clinically proven to have multiple therapeutic effects. No side effect or complication reported since it was first use on patient in 2006.

How safe is Colorec to be used?

It is safe to use as there is no surgical and medical side effect and no reproductive risk when managing problem such as anal fissure and constipation.

How to use Colorec Bowel Aid?

Sit backward. Position yourself so that the tip of HPS (Hai’s Perianal Support) is in between anus and tip of tail bone.

No need to push yourself downward. Just sit comfortably.


How many standard shapes are there for toilet seat?

There are two standard shapes, a standard round toilet seat and a standard elongated toilet seat, which are the most commonly used. Although, there are still others but not as common as those two.

What are the standard size for standard round toilet seat and elongated toilet seat?

  • For standard round toilet seat: Approximate range between 40.64cm – 43.18cm (Length) x 36.83cm – 39.00cm (Width)
  • For standard elongated toilet seat: Approximate Range between 45.72cm – 48.26cm (Length) x 36.83cm – 39.00cm (Width)

What is the shape of Colorec Bowel Aid?

It’s a standard elongated toilet seat.

What is the size of Colorec Bowel Aid?

Length x Width: 46.5cm x 38.0cm

How many sizes of Colorec Bowel Aid do you sell?

Until now, there is only one particular size.

Why do you only sell one particular size?

Our engineer team had decided on producing the elongated toilet seat, because this shape is often installed in homes being built today and also the most frequently used in commercial applications. Elongated toilet seat not only can be installed on elongated shape WC, but also round shape WC. Eventually, our focus on Colorec Bowel Aid is to make it efficient to treat multiple health conditions which is the most valuable.

Will Colorec Bowel Aid fit to my current WC (water closet)?

Yes. No matter your WC was designed to fit round or elongated toilet seat, Colorec Bowel Aid will still be able to install on to your WC. For round toilet seat, the only downside will be having a bigger appearance than normal once installed, but for elongated toilet seat, the appearance will almost be similar as normal.

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