During & After Pregnancy

What about during pregnancy?

Because of normal physiological changes during pregnancy, constipation and hemorrhoid incidences increase. One of the main reasons is progesterone that relaxes pelvic floor muscle that contribute to obstructive type of constipation and the relaxation of smooth muscle of blood vessels which contribute to varicosity of hemorrhoidal vein (pile). Studies showed that up to 85% of pregnant women suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids, especially in their 3rd trimester. [1]

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What about after pregnancy?

During defecation after delivery, the descent of pelvic floor will stretch the episiotomy wound and also normal birth trauma. This will interrupt the normal healing process of the wound which will lead to wound dehiscence (permanent non-union of pelvic floor muscle) which is responsible for weakness of pelvic floor after delivery and predispose to various pelvic floor disorders in later life if not corrected.


Solution We Provide

During Pregnancy

Going to the toilet will be a hard chore due to constipation and hemorrhoids, so Colorec Bowel Aid may help to mothers-to-be.

After Pregnancy

By using Colorec Bowel Aid during passing stool can help reduce the pressure on the surgical site so that it will allow quick healing process.

Please watch the video below for further understanding.


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