Why Ageing?

As you getting older, your muscle activity declines. For example, degeneration of muscles will lead to slowness and difficulty in passing stool.

Factor Causes Constipation in the Elderly

  1. Weak pelvic floor.
  2. Constipation secondary to systemic diseases. For example: diabetes mellitus.
  3. Constipation secondary to medication. For example: opioids group of pain killer, anti-depression, etc.


Our Recommendations (avoid laxative):

  1. Strengthen pelvic floor by doing pelvic floor exercises.
  2. Take more fiber and water.
  3. Protect pelvic floor from downward sagging.


Solution We Provide

Colorec Bowel Aid helps to ease the problem of constipation in elderly by facilitating the reflex of  defecation.

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